Why use a local Spanish lawyer when buying property?

Lawyers are often involved in all stages of the sale and purchase of property, known as conveyance.

When buying a property in Spain, generally buyers are not familiar with the Spanish Law, nor the possible consequences if the matter is not reviewed by legal profesionals from the outset of a transaction. Estate agents will typically offer to handle the legal documents on a buyer’s behalf, however they are not trained in property law, nor do they tend to have professional liability or indemnity insurance should any issues arise during or after the property changes hands. It is also often the case that their interests solely lie with those of the seller of the property.

Another option that foreign citizens can choose is to instruct a lawyer in their own country to act on their behalf when buying a Spanish property. Although this is preferable to not using a lawyer at all, im order to provide the service, a local Spanish lawyer will be appointed. Using an intermediary therefore naturally means that the fees paid are greater, and the service slower, than if a property buyer appoints the Spanish lawyer themselves. Spanish lawyers are also required to have legal insurance, meaning that should any problems occur, property buyers are themselves insured against any financial penalties.

In essence, using a qualified and local Spanish lawyer with relevant experience of local property law and  conveyance processes gives property buyers protection and peace of mind.